Weekday Shows

Program: The Good News Breakfast Show

Presenters: Romano & Toni

Time: Everyday, 6am-9am

Program: Breakthrough Prayers

Time: Weekdays 8:30 am – 8:45am

On the programme Breakthrough  Prayers we will be joined by a pastor every week, live on PEfm87.6 Let us pray for your personal needs. Prayer is the key that unlocks all doors. Breakthrough Prayers another PEfm87.6 initiative where we aspire to Honour God to know Him and to make Him known in the City. For more information follow the PEFM Facebook page

Program: Fishing Fever

Presenters: The Good News Breakfast Show

Time: Every Friday at 7:20am

Join Romano and Toni every Friday at 7:20 for all your Fishing Facts and Information

Program: Brunch met Adorè Morgan

Omroeper: Adorè Morgan

Tyd:  Maandae tot Vrydae 9vm-12nm



Program: Birthday requests

Time: Everyday, 7:15 am & 9:20am

Celebrate a loved one’s Birthday on PEfm 87.6 Birthday Requests by sending in your wish to our whatsapp line 076 070 2135

Program: Feel Good

Presenters: Courtnay Kruger, Mariette Schreuder and Sam Futter

Time: Monday to Friday, 12pm – 3pm

A different presenter each day of the week covering a different topic each day


Program: Community Cares

Presenter: Courtnay Kruger

Time: Monday 2:30pm

We Invite all NPO’s that make a difference in other people’s lives to come and tell us more about what your company does. For more information contact us on 041 364 3496 or download the form here and send it back to us via email –  info@pefm.co.za

Program: Regsbank

Omroeper: Mariette Schreuder

Time: Dinsdag 2:30nm

Greyvensteins Prokureurs  gesels oor ‘n wye verskeidenheid onderwerpe wat alle spektrums van die reg dek.

Vir meer inligting kontak Grevensteins Prokureurs by 041 50155 00 dit is 041 501 55 00 of stuur n epos na info@greyvensteins.co.za

Program: Destiny Drive

Presenter: Josca

Time: Monday – Friday, 3pm-6pm

Josca drives you home on the Destiny Drive, every weekday from 3-6pm. You can expect upbeat music, that will get you in a great mood after a long day and have you singing in your car, or dancing in your house. The show is filled with entertainment and informative topics.

Program: Daily Diary

Presenter: Josca

Time: Every Weekday at 16:20pm

Daily diary allows you to announce all your events and public meetings absolutely FREE  All you need to do is to download the form HERE and send it to us via email at info@pefm.co.za. Address it to daily diary talk and we will get back to you.

Evening Shows

Program:  Relentless Grace

Omroepers: Ps. Romeo and Ps. Julien

Tyd: Monday 6pm-9pm

Relentless Grace with your hosts Pastor Romeo and Pastor Julien. The program where we endeavor to touch and inspire you with the never ending Grace of God.

Program:  Karios

Omroeper: Christelle

Tyd: Dinsdag, 6nm-8nm

Kairos Dinsdagaand 18h00-20h00. Christelle se nuwe tydslot. Kom luister na ‘n propvol program met resepte, goeie praktiese raad oor daaglikse uitdagings, lekker lag en goeie musiek. Ons gesels ook oor die jongste geestelike boeke op die rak.



Program: Midweek Manna

Time: Wednesday 6pm-9pm

Presenter: Sash

Program: Unconditional Love

Omroepers: Vincent & Kim Goede

Tyd: Thursday 6pm-8pm

Program: Friday Night Live

Time: Fridays 6pm-9pm

Presenters: Timothy & Tarryn

Join Timothy Paulsen and Taryn Tastic every Friday at 6pm for Friday Night Live. This duo brings energy and makes sure that you end your week with a bang, while making sure that you’re inspired to live your best life for God.

Late Night Shows

Program: Kholwa

Presenter: Thabisa

Time: Monday & Wednesday 9pm-11pm

Listen to PEFM 87.6 or www.pefm.co.za if you are outside PE. Bringing you a Xhosa and bit of English Gospel show. Every MONDAY and WEDNESDAY from 9pm until 11pm



Program: In His Presence ebukhoneni bakhe

Presenter: Chwayita Gaya

Time: Tuesday 9pm-11pm

Join Chwayita every Tuesday Night for a show that deals with women issues and women empowerment.

Program: Masithethe

Presenter: Bernard Petersen  & Adin Arendse

Time: Thursday, 8pm-10pm

It is a program dealing with current trends in sport. It includes all the major sport. We deal with the announcements and fixtures of major sport events as well as local sport. School sport is also covered during the broadcast. We conduct live as well as telephonic interviews with sport personalities. We also profile sport persons from the local sporting fraternities.

Program: Jump for Joy

Presenters: Viwe, and Aunty Besaphnie

Time: Friday 8pm-11pm

Early Morning Shows

Program: Overflow Devotions

Presenter: Sam Futter

Time: 5am – 6am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

What we do in the morning tends to impact the rest of the day. Starting our mornings with the Lord reinforces  a sense of calmness, gratitude, and joy to help us maintain a positive perspective through our daily tasks. Join me, Sam, between 05-06h00 in the morning for Overflow, where you will receive more than just music for your soul.

Weekend Shows

Program: The Brunch Show

Omroepers: Jimmy Davis met Gavin en Linda

Tyd:  Saterdag 9vm-12nm


Program: Smile, it’s Saturday

Presenter: Courtnay Kruger

Time: Saturday, 12pm – 3pm

Tune in every Saturday for a look at interesting topics and a trip down the old country road at 2pm which is sure to make you smile!


Program: Saturday Mix

Presenter: Clinton

Time:  Saturday 3pm-6pm



Program: Evening B4 Sunday

Presenter: Kenneth Collet

Time:  Saturday 6pm-9pm

This is a show where I, Kenneth Collet encourage and prepare the listener with good and inspiring music as well as entertainment and informative topics. That’s what one can look forward to listen to!




Program: Fresh Brew Sundays

Presenter: Ferreira Stumke

Time: Every Sunday 09:00-12:00


Program: Christian Media Book Reviews

Time: Sunday 10 am

Program: Grace Talk

Presenters: Elriza and Dawn

Time: Sunday, 12pm-2:30pm

“Real people, real stories, real situations most definitely a real God.” The show focuses on showcasing real people coming in to share their #Gracestory.  A Gracestory  is the journey of Grace that God has taken you through. The show is for individuals, couples and families. Gracetalk is also about testimonies of grace.

Program: Take Me Back

Presenter: Ivan G

Time: Sunday, 3pm-6pm

Going down memory lane and also playing you future Take me Back sounds with relaxing contemporary Gospel Music on the “Take Me Back” Show. We also have conversations on relevant thought provoking topics. For the BEST in Contemporary Gospel music!

Program: Soulfood Sunday

Presenter: Elliot Joel

Time: Sunday, 6pm-8pm

Do you feel down? … Do you feel discouraged? Do you feel like nothing is working out for you? Don’t be…..  Tune in to PEFM 87.6 and Join Elliott Joel Every Sunday evening from18:00-20:00 on Soulfood Sunday with Uncle the program that motivates, inspires and bring you a Message of hope…