If you are looking for a station with fresh and on the pulse content, then PEFM87.6 is the radio station for you. PEFM87.6 believes that the person who knows best about your product is you, and our approach to advertising ensures that we are as passionate about your product as you are.

Our Mission

We aspire to Honour God, to know him and to make him known in the City. We are more than just a radio we are a family.

Our Milestones

• Commenced broadcasting on the 10th of September 2012
• Broadcast range of 100km from Port Elizabeth Centre, this means the listenership extends to Jefrrey’s Bay, Humasdorp, Kirkwood, Uitenhage Motherwell and is growing every day.
• Through audio streaming PEFM87.6 can be heard worldwide.
• Educate, Entertain and Inform.
• Make a personal connection with our listeners.
• Inspiring listeners and make our listeners feel special.
• Active on Social Media
• More than 40 years radio and advertising experience.
• Strong ties to the community, events and promotions.
• Get our listener to talk about PEFM87.6 and our advertisers.
• Prayer Rally every month in the community.

Programme inserts

• Community Care interview slot talks about local Charity and NPO projects.
• Daily Diary to keep you informed. What’s on where.
• Business interview slot.
• Tourism Slot
• SAPS programme.
• Focus on the family.
• Joyce Meyer.
• Legal programme.
• Debt and Finance.
• Birthday wishes.


Follow us on our various social media platforms:

WhatsApp us on 076 070 2135.
Facebook: @Pefm 87.6
Instagram: @pe_fm_87.6
Twitter handle: @Pefm87_6 & @PEFMnews.


BRC: 21 000 January to June 2018
BRC: 36 000 November 2017
BRC: 27 000 January 2017 to December 2017
BRC: 16 000 January 2016 to December 2016
SAARF: 25 000 January 2015 to December 2015
Currently at: 49 000