Let Josca get you home with the destiny drive

monday – friday 3pm – 6pm

PEFM87.6’s Adoption of the Week

PEFM87.6 have teamed up with Animal Welfare Society PE to bring you the PEFM Adoption of the Week. Join Josca on the Destiny Drive every Monday just after 3pm as she’s joined by Cynthea from the Animal Welfare.

Adoption means you are saving 2 lives – the life you are taking home and another for the empty space in the shelter to help another rescue! Check out the PEFM 87.6 Facebook Page for details on the adoption of the week.

Daily Diary

Daily Diary happens on the Destiny Drive show everyday at 16:20pm. Daily Diary allows you to announce all your events and public meetings absolutely FREE. All you need to do is to download the form HERE and send it to us via email at info@pefm.co.za. Address it to Daily Diary and we will get back to you.