Our visit to the MTR Smit Children’s Haven MTR Smit Children’s Haven on Youth Day was wonderful, the children were so obedient and loved receiving their gifts.
We started off our visit at the Haven visiting house 4 with boys aged 3-12, Pst Jimmy opened up the encouragements of the day. We then visited House 5 with girls aged 6-12 Jogene shared a story about Deborah in the bible and Toni shared a prayer, we handed out shoeboxes to each child in a house which was donated by our listeners and shared an encouragement at each home. At House 6 Taryn Campher spoke about David and Goliath and how through faith you can overcome, Rellton spoke about how we can learn from David and Goliaths life, that the elderly boys should be examples for the younger boys; at House 7 Pastor Jimmy encouraged the boys aged 10-18 that it doesn’t matter how bad life is, you decide what you are going to be one day and it is not about where you come from but where you are going. At house 8, Courtnay spoke about Jesus wiping you clean and demonstrated an example of sweets in a bucket of flour and she had each girl take a sweet from the bucket of flour and demonstrated that it can be wiped clean just like Jesus does for you and I. Our final house was House 9 and Renier shared a personal story about how he grew up and not letting where you find yourself put you back in life or make you have a negative outlook in life, Renier ended of the session by sharing Proverbs 3 with the girls and Taryn Campher shared a prayer.
What a lovely time we had, thank you to our Pefm listeners for your donations and blessings to the MTR Smit Children’s Haven, thank you for allowing PEFM 87.6 to spend Youth Day with you.